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Whether you are interested in a lawn renovation or just a few small maintenance tasks regarding your landscape, I am the professional for the job. I will be able to evaluate the current condition of your lawn and perform the necessary services to make it stand out. Give me a call today!

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Creative Landscaping

Creative Landscaping is a professional landscaping company that strives to provide exceptional services for clients in the area regarding their lawns. I understand that lawn care maintenance can take time, dedication, and resources that you may not have, which is why I strive to provide my landscape design services at affordable prices.

Why Choose us?

As a professional landscaper, I have a passion for beautifying lawns and am always excited to work on yours. You will be able to collaborate with my company in Bellingham, WA and get the ideal services that you need for your landscape. I know the ins and outs of landscaping as well as lawn care, which makes me the ideal candidate for the job. I take into consideration your time, special requests, and budget for the job so you get the ideal results.

How Are We Different?

My company has been in business since 2018 in Bellingham, WA; however, I have 8 years of professional experience working in this industry. With my landscape design services, you will be able to make your vision come to life for your lawn. Creative Landscaping is the licensed and certified company that you can trust to care for your lawn.

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Creative Landscaping is a company that focuses on providing professional landscaping services for clients since I opened up for business in 2018. Despite the year that I founded my company, I have been working in this industry in Bellingham, WA along with surrounding locations for the past 8 years, gaining a solid amount of experience. Instead of dealing with a lawn that looks dull and not well cared for, you can choose my services.

Landscaping and Lawn Care

Instead of caring for your landscape on your own, I can make sure that everything is done properly for you. From creating a new design to ensuring that your lawn is thriving beautifully, I do it all.

Tree, Stump, and Bush Care

I care for all kinds of arbors, bushes, and stumps. I provide trimming for trees and bushes, tree planting, stump and bush removal, stump grinding, along with tree planting. I make sure to approach each project with the proper care and safety precautions.

Sprinkler System Installation and Repair

Sprinkler systems help you keep your plants and grass hydrated without you having to manually do it yourself. As a professional, I can install a sprinkler system for your yard or tend to your existing one to perform any needed repairs. Creative Landscaping is the company that you can trust to get the job done right.


Not every home has a fence surrounding it, which is where I can help. I work with all kinds of fencing materials and I can ensure that you will receive the ideal installation. Whether you need your current fence in Bellingham, WA repaired or a new one installed, I am the professional that can complete the job.

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